TLU donates hand sanitizers to 150 schools in Hanoi

To help schools in Hanoi and surrounding areas to prevent and control Covid-19 when students return to school, TLU has produced liquid hand sanitizers and give them to these schools for free.

TLU donated liquid hand sanitizers to Duong Xa High School

The university had contacted many schools in Hanoi to know the needs of these schools in preparing facility to welcome students back to school right after Hanoi has a policy of gradually reoping schools. Hand sanitizer is an essential need of all schools because of the large number of students use as preventive measure daily. Therefore, TLU continues to embark on work for the community.

This program lasted from April 29 to May 6 (including holidays)

From April 29 to May 6 (including holidays), TLU went to 155 high schools in Hanoi to give each school from 30 to 60 bottles of liquid hand sanitizer (350ml/bottle). The university also supported each high school 3,000,000 VND to help them on organizing career counseling for 12th grade students. Dr. Tran Khac Thac, Deputy Head of TLU Department of Academic Affairs, said that the economic value is not high, but it is the heart of teachers and students of TLU who want to contribute to Covid-19 prevention.

The President of TLU donated hand sanitizers

It was known that during the epidemic, the laboratory of chemical engineering of TLU had focused on preparation and bottling of hand sanitizers to supply for nearly 100 secondary and elementary schools in Hanoi and vicinity. The university also distributed free liquid hand sanitizer to local people and some partner agencies in need.