Students of Thuyloi University achieved good results at the XXXIII National Mechanics Olympiad

Overcoming 1,200 students from 36 technical and technological universities/institutes in the country, students of Thuyloi University continued to affirm their position, winning 17 prizes at the XXXIII National Mechanics Olympiad.

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Trung Viet – TLU’ Vice President attended and congratulated lecturers and students at the Award Ceremony

The National Mechanics Olympiad is considered an intellectual competition to develop and encourage young talents in the field of mechanics, promoting the movement of studying mechanics subjects in universities.

This year's competition took place from 7 May at the same time in three regions: the Northern region (hosted by the Military Technical Academy); the Central region (hosted by Danang University of Science and Technology); the Southern region (hosted by Vinh Long University of Technology and Education). There were 12 subjects including 7 theoretical subjects and 5 applied informatics subjects in the competition in the Northern region.

The XXXIII National Mechanics Olympiad ended with the excellent achievements of TLU’s students. This was an opportunity for students of the Thuyloi University to affirm their position at the Olympic competitions of all subjects and to exchange knowdlge with students from other universities.

The closing ceremony of this year's XXXIII National Mechanics Olympiad took place at the Military Technical Academy on the morning of June 10. Thuyloi University won 1 second prize in the team category with hydraulics subject; 17 individual prizes including 1 first prize, 2 second prize and 14 third prize.

Some pictures of the ceremony:

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Trung Viet - Vice President awarded prizes to the students

Thuyloi University won the second prize in Hydraulic subject

TLU’s teams at the closing ceremony of the XXXIII National Mechanics Olympiad