Many highly applicable topics attends the 36th TLU’ Student Scientific Research Conference

On May 30, Thuyloi University successfully held the 36th Student Scientific Research Conference.

Student Science Research Conference happened at T35 Hall

Student scientific research activities always attract many students to participate. The sudents have the opportunity to present their creative ideas. This is an annual conference that helps to improve the quality of teaching and learning in the university. Following the success of previous conferences, this year's conference attracted the largest number of students ever with 263 topics. However, some topics, although tried to implement, have not yet completed the research products.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Canh Thai - Vice President commented the topics

To select topics to participate in the conference on May 30, Student Scientific Research Conference at faculty level took place on May 23 with 24 sub-committees. In general, the organizing committees were very serious, ensuring the right process, the number of research topics increased significantly compared to previous years and the number of scientific research topics of students of different faculties was relatively equal. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering had 38 topics; Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering had 28 topics, Faculty of Civil Engineering had 28 topics; Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering had 41 topics; Faculty of Chemistry and Environment had 24 topics; Faculty of Economics and Management had 48 topics; Faculty of Water Resources Engineering had 18, Faculty of Law and Political Theory had 14 topics. There were 4 topics from students of English Language Program although this is a new program of TLU and had only been enrolled for 2 years. Especially, this year, there were 19 participating topics from Ho Chi Minh campus. Student scientific research projects have approached many new scientific and technological problems, products with high applicability.

The topics of students' scientific research approached many new scientific and technological problems and the products of these were high applicability. Most of the reports were of good quality and were presented very confidently and convinced the commitee. As a result, there were 78 topics won prizes, of which 23 won the first prize, 26 topics won the second prize and 29 topics won the third prize at the Student Scientific Research Conference at faculty level. In order to get this impressive number, in addition to the efforts of the students, it was also necessary to account for the great contributions of the lecturers and staff from departments, faculties of the university.

Students were presenting at the Conference

This year, there were 10 excellent topics that had been highly appreciated by the Faculty Councils and participated final round  on May 30. The committee  agreed to award one First Prize, two Second Prize, three Third Prize and four Consolation Prize. The award ceremony is scheduled to be held on June 9.