TLU students design a self-balancing two-wheeled vehicle model

The self-balancing two-wheeled model is a product in the training course of Mechatronic Engineering Progam at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Thuyloi University.

It was designed based on the principle of reverse pendulum. To design the product, lecturers and students used the PID closed-loop controller to keep the vehicle upright and moving.  In addition, Arduino Mega2560 board, MPU-60650 tilt angle sensor, TB6612 capacity driver, GA-25 encoder engine were used to make the model. In order to complete the product, students need to understand deeply about  control theory, embedded programming, electronic circuit design and mechanical design. Along with that, they need to know how to use the software: Matlab, ArduinoIDE, Altium, SoildWorks, Bluetooth etc.

Students  of the Mechatronics Engineering of TLU are trained in the direction of practical application engineers in many specialized fields of mechatronic engineering and robotics; having the ability to improve and design manufacture and assemble equipment in automatic production systems; having capable of using, operating and maintaining well equipment of automatic manufacturing systems, robot systems. Therefore, the students have enough professional knowledge and skills to meet the recruitment requirements of domestic and foreign enterprises. A lot of students from TLU have high and stable income after they graduate from the university.