A variety of selected modules has been added to the Physical Education

(TLU) - In the new academic year 2021-2022, the Thuyloi University has implemented a variety of physical education modules so that students can select according to their abilities and interests such as swimming, badminton, chess, football, basketball, volleyball, athletics, dance sports, tennis, yoga, fitness and golf.

This year is a special one in the context of the complicated Covid-19 situation in the country. However, TLU always keeps up innovating the curriculum, the teaching and learning form as well as adding selected modules in order to improve the subjects more interesting and attractive.

Moreover, it is impossible not to mention the significant change in Physical Education. With traditional modules that have been trained for many years in TLU such as swimming, badminton, football, basketball, volleyball, athletics, then in the new academic year, the University has invested in modern facilities and full exercise equipment along with well-trained teachers, TLU has added many new modules such as: dance sports, tennis, yoga, fitness and golf.

According to the survey, TLU is one of the first universities in Vietnam to introduce golf and fitness into the main courses. With the aim of following the trend of advanced universities in the world as well as the youth’s interest of integration and discovery, we believe that the fitness and golf modules have attracted a large number of students, including female students.

Some pictures related to the University's new facilities for Physical Education:

Classroom and fitness practice areas with modern machinery and equipment

The fitness is officially included in the Physical Education in this year

The golf will be officially included in the Physical Education in this year (Illustrated photos)

Ha Ngan - International Cooperation Department