Thuyloi University works with companies specializing in the field of recruiting high-quality human resources in Japan

In order to expand cooperation in training, scientific research , increase internship opportunities and find jobs for students majoring in Civil Engineering, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Electricity - Electronics in the Japanese labor market, Thuyloi University sent a delegation to Japan to work with Kyushu University and Japanese partner companies from 24 to 29 May 2023.

The delegation works at the representative office of Kyushu University, Japan

The TLU's delegation included Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Huu Hue - Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the University Council , Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Thang - Dean of Faculty of Civil Engineering cum Director of Institute of Civil Engineering, Dr. Nguyen Nhat Tung - Dean of Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Dr. Le Van Chinh - Vice Dean of Faculty of Economics and Management and Assoc.Prof.Dr. Trieu Anh Ngoc - Head of Department of Scientific Management and External Relations of Southern campus ofThuyloi University.

On May 24, the delegation of the University visited and worked with Kyushu University at the Representative Office in Tokyo. Ms. Tashiro, Head of the Representative Office of Kyushu University in Tokyo welcomed and introduced the functions and achievements of the Representative Office in Tokyo City. This is a multi-functional office established in 2015, including: (i) conference room and working room of Kyushu University officials and lecturers coming to work in Tokyo, (ii) Support Center support and introduce jobs for students of Kyusu University after graduation. The office supports international students to check in and register at Kyushu University, and has supported and introduced jobs to more than 300 students every year after graduation. This is also considered as an effective model in promotion of the image of the University and supporting students after graduation.

On the same day, the delegation worked with Upraise Company in Japan, which is a company specializing in providing human resources that signed MOU with the university since March 2021. At the head office of Uraise Company, Mr. Iwahori - General Director discussed about internship programs for program of Civil Engineering, Economics, Logistics in the coming time. The two sides wished to further strengthen the cooperation relationship between the university and the company, in order to create job opportunities for students as well as improve the quality of human resources through working in Japan towards the 4+1 training program to ensure jobs for students right after graduation. The company also commited to support and receive about from 30 to 50 students of Thuyloi university under the annual internship program.

TLU's delegation worked at Upraise Company, Japan

Welcoming the delegation there were leaders of the Group including Mr. Tawachi - Member of the Board of Directors, Head of Planning and Human Resources Department, Head of External Relations and Market Development Department, Head of Import-Export Department, and Ms. Yuu Ozawa, reporter. Weekly Logistics magazine is the largest Logistics magazine in Japan. This is a group of 17 member companies with more than 3,000 employees and spread across the country with a revenue of over 37 billion yen. There will be 4 students from the TLU coming to work for this company in mid-September 2023. The two sides exchanged and committed to create the best conditions for the students to practice. Both sides agreed that in the coming time, there will be about 30 interns from TLU working for the corporation annually. Trainees with good Japanese language skills and good internship results will be officially accepted to work at Minami Nihon company after graduation. The delegation also visited the working area, factory and accommodation of students who will come to work for the company.

Working with Minami Nihon Totals Logistics Service Inc (MTLS) Corporation

Visit Minami Nihon Totals Logistics Service Inc (MTLS)

On the morning of May 26, the delegation continued to visit and work with ICHIGUMI Company, specializing in the construction of the  water supply and drainage system in Tokyo. The company has an annual revenue of about 1500 billion. In the near future, there will be 4 students from the TLU who will work at ICHIGUMI as internship and can be accepted to work at company when they work well and graduate from university. Students working at the company will be supported with accommodation and transportation.

Working at ICHIGUMI Company

On the same afternoon of May 26, the delegation continued to visit and work with KIBUN FRESH SYSTEM Inc specializing in. Welcoming the delegation there were Mr. Michihiko Kohno, Director of the company and two factory directors. This company has many cold stores, specializing in distributing cold foods and fast foods to more than 900 supermarket chains and convenience stores in Japan. Currently, the company has 70 Vietnamese people working as part-time students. In the near future, the company has a need to recruit 40 students per year to work directly at cold storage as internship.


On the morning of May 27, the delegation moved from Tokyo to Osaka province and worked with Climb Construction Company. Mr. Koji Okuda, General Director shared that the company has been recruiting Vietnamese construction engineers for 4 years now and continues to expect the University to create favorable conditions and support engineers to work at the company. Currently, the company has 3 Vietnamese engineers, including 1 engineer of Thuyloi University (Pham Van Giao). Vietnamese engineers are considered to be quick learners, with qualifications not inferior to the Japanese. The company plans to recruit 6 engineers during August 2023. The strength of the Company is having professional training for engineers 3 months before working officially as well as housing support for employees.

Working at Climb Company

On the morning of May 28, the delegation continued to work with Kyushu University, Japan including Prof. Kazuaki Hiramatsu - Former Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, President of the Japan Association of Irrigation, Drainage and Agricultural Engineering; Prof. Masayoshi Harada - Head of Laboratory of Water Environment Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Prof. Akinori Ozaki - Head of Institute of Tropical Agriculture, cum Head of International Development Department, Assoc. Prof. Toshinori Tabata - Water Environmental Science Laboratory, Faculty of Agriculture. Thuyloi University and the Faculty of Agriculture - Kyushu University signed a memorandum of cooperation (MOU) from 2018 to 2023. The cooperation has achieved many important achievements: (i) Organizing 2 international conferences; (ii) Joint research and 25 international publications; (iii) Sending students and lecturers to participate in 25 study sessions and research exchanges. From that result, the two sides discussed and agreed to: (i) Extending the MOU for another 5 years from 2023-2028; (ii) Expanding the exchange of undergraduate and graduate students through short-term study at Kyushu University; recognition of credit equivalency among disciplines with similar subjects; (iii) Promoting coordination of research and publication of international articles; (iv) Jointly organizing international seminars.

Some other pictures during the working session with Kyushu University, Japan: