Thuyloi University ranks 12th out of 191 higher education institutions nationwide

On February 17, Viet Nam's University Rankings (VNUR) officially announced the ranking of 100 top universities nationwide. Thuyloi University was the 12th of Top 100 and over totally 191 universities qualified for the ranking.

Ranking statement of TLU from website of VNUR (

Vietnam University Rankings 2023 (VNUR) conducted a review of all 237 Vietnamese higher education institutions through the processing huge information data including public reports, enrollment schemes, data in terms of ranking, accreditation, rating in 2022 of the Ministry of Education and Training, QS, THE…, QS Stars, UPM, Web of Science for a period of 5 years (2018-2022), data on science and technology activities and inventions of the Ministry of Science and Technology along with a variety of selectively referenced information on relevant websites. A total of 191 institutions had sufficient data to perform the ranking. The ranking is done through an index of 6 criteria and 17 selected criteria, which comprehensively reflects the basic operational functions of higher education institutions such as training and scientific research and community service.

The six criteria include Accredited Quality which makes up 30% of the overall score, as well as Teaching making up 25%, Publication of Scientific Articles representing 20%, Science and Technology Tasks and Inventions with 10%, Quality of Learners with 10%, and Facilities with 5%. Thuyloi University ranked 12th over all and 5th interm of Teaching criteria.

Currently, there are nearly 57% of the teaching staff of the university holding a doctorate or higher degree. The university is training 38 undergraduate programs including 2 advanced programs taught in English; 18 master’s programs and 11 doctoral programs. In 2023 the university will enroll 41 programs, including some new programs such as Korean language, Chinese language, Economic Law...