Thuyloi University held an inaugural ceremony for New President

On Thursday March 8, 2018, a formal ceremony was held for the appointment of Professor Trinh Minh Thu as new President of Thuyloi University and to introduce the new University Council with Professor Nguyen Quang Kim, the former President, appointed the Chairman.

Attending in the ceremony include Mr. Le Quoc Doanh, Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development and representatives from government agencies as well as various TLU’s national and international partners. Vice Minister Doanh presented Prof. Trinh Minh Thu, previously Head of Academic Affairs Department and Vice President of TLU, the official decision of appointment signed by the Minister. Prof. Thu is going to be the President of TLU from 1 March 2018 for a five-year term.

Prof. Trinh Minh Thu was presented the official decision of appointment signed

by the Minister of MARD

In his acceptance speech, Prof. Thu emphasized his appreciation for the support from Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and all TLU leaders and staff. He asserts: “I am aware that this great honor comes with huge responsibility. As a public university, TLU is enjoying many advantages but many challenges are also expected. I recognize that to continue improving the quality of educational, research and technology transfer activities and at the same time increase the working and living standards for all TLU staff will be the major problems to solve in the time to come.”

Prof. Thu expressed his strong determination to elevate the achievements of his predecessors in developing the university with an aim to make TLU an ideal place for lecturers, researchers and staff to work and for students to study and grow.

Also in this event, the Decision to establish the third University Council term 2018-2023 was officially announced. The new University Council consists of 25 members with Prof. Nguyen Quang Kim, the former President of TLU, appointed the Chairman. The University Council is responsible for the orientation of TLU’s advancement and development in various aspects.

The third University Council term 2018-2023

Towards the end of the ceremony, Prof. Nguyen Quang Kim and Prof. Nguyen Thi Huong Lan were conferred with the honorific titles of People’s Teacher and Meritorious Teacher, respectively. The titles represent the well-deserved recognition for the outstanding contributions of Prof. Kim and Prof. Lan to the TLU and Vietnamese education.