Cooperation with Chinese universities and research institutes to be continued

From 11 to 22 October 2012, the mission of the University by the Vice Minister of Science and Irrigation and the TS. Vu Quoc Vuong has visited, worked with a number of Universities and Research Institute related to China's water sector to enhance and develop opportunities for cooperation in training, scientific research, technology transfer.

Ho Hai University is a traditional partner since 1960, has trained dozens of doctors, masters, let the engineer, the school now has eight faculty are being trained here. GS. TANG Hongwu vice-principals have appreciated the cooperation between the two schools, especially the PhD students of the school have been studying in Ho II. Ho Hai University went on to win the scholarship training PhD, MSc University of Water Resources, including short-term courses to improve skills for teachers. Planned later this year a delegation of the Ho Hai University will visit the school to continue, expand cooperation and evaluate the effectiveness of human resource training for Water Resources University. In addition to traditional areas, the two schools will work in a new field. University of Ho Two very strong: Technical hydro, Hydro, Hydro Power, Building Materials, Local foundations and especially the physical model with a system of modern key laboratories. School systems associated with the Institute, the Company, the national key laboratory of the related industries and the technology transfer is particularly interested and very effective.

Record of cooperation between the WRU and Three Gorges University

Wuhan University can say is the first training of human resources for the University of Water Resources, the first professor branches: Prof. Ngo Tri Vieng Fisheries Sector; Professor Phan Ky Nam hydropower sector; There GS Germany Khang Irrigation sector ... have studied here, there are now a PhD student of the school we are learning in Wuhan. This is one of the leading training facility for irrigation, hydropower. Laboratory system hydropower and irrigation modernization help learners practice skills greatly. Vice Chancellor University Wuhan very interested in cooperation between the two universities in receiving training to help the University to continue Irrigation and ready to expand cooperation to other areas in the future.

Three Gorges University Chinese Ministry of Education to sign established on 29 May 06, 2000, was imported from hydroelectric irrigation Wuhan University (Yichang) and the Hubei Three Gorges Institute, this is a young field, but built, equipped with a complete infrastructure system from the work area, library, laboratory systems to the dormitory, recreation, parks and physical education for students. This is a very strong field of hydropower, the environment, most of the problems related to the Three Gorges hydropower plant (the largest in the world) have been very basic research and this paper in the University, is research continues. If we do not have this cooperation with the University over the years. Working with GS. Huang Yingping, Vice shows the need to enhance cooperation between the two universities, a memorandum of cooperation was signed with the agreement of Three Gorges University scholarship and training of human resources for the University of Water Resources 2013.

Group work with Jiangsu Institute of Building Science

The mission is to work with the Professor, Academician and other relevant units in order to increase opportunities for cooperation and exchange in education and scientific research, technology transfer. Including Prof. Miao Changwen Academician Chinese Academy of Construction Science and Research Institute of Jiangsu.

With the aim of improving the quality, expanding and initiating new forms of international cooperation with Chinese universities. We hope and believe the cooperation will be highly effective, and with the international cooperation capacity building team of scientists from the University of Water Resources, especially young faculty members.

Le Dinh Thanh - Vu Quoc Vuong