TLU Annual Scientific Conference 2020

TLU Annual Scientific Conference 2020 is scheduled on 18 November 2020. Started since 2013, the Conference is a platform for national and international researchers and lecturers to present their research methodology and achievements and promote academic exchanges.

The Conference will consist of 10 parallel sessions:

1. Civil Engineering: focusing on hydraulic structures, civil and industrial construction, transportation engineering, geotechnical engineering, and hydropower

2. Water Resources Engineering:  focusing on irrigation engineering, irrigation structure planning and management, water supply for multiple purposes

3.  Hydrology – Hydraulics: focusing on hydrology, hydraulics, natural disaster management, and climate change

4. Chemistry & Environment: focusing on environment, chemistry, and biotechnology

5. Information Technology: focusing on information technology and applied mathematics

6. Electrics-Electronics: focusing on electrical engineering, electronics and telecommunication, energy engineering, control engineering and automation

7. Mechanical Engineering: focusing on mechanical engineering, mechatronics engineering and automotive engineering

8. Social Science: focusing on teaching methods, skills development and political theory

9. Economy and Management: including economics, finance and management

10. English Language: including English language and teaching method

All papers are to be received via website: before 2 August 2020. Accepted papers will be included in the Conference Proceedings 2020, which has been recognized by Vietnam Water Resources Association and provided with an ISBN.

Any requests for more information, please contact:

Department of Science and Technology

Thuyloi University

175 Tay Son, Dong Da, Ha Noi, Vietnam

Tel: 024.3853.4198