Thuyloi University’s students win the Euréka 2019 Prize

On 24 November, the closing ceremony of the 21st - Euréka 2019 Prize was held at the Student Culture House of the National University at Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City. The event was co-organized by the National Agency in Southern Region – Ministry of Science and Technology, Ho Chi Minh City Department of Science and Technology, Ho Chi Minh City Youth Union, Center for Young Science and Technology Development and Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City.

Euréka Prize for Student Scientific Research is a noble award for students who are passionate about scientific research nationwide, contributing to promote the scientific research movement of universities throughout the country. During the past 21 years, the award has constantly grown and contributed to discover, nurture, foster creative ideas of undergraduate students. It is a good chance for them to explore and propose new solutions, as well as spread their passion in scientific research to other students.

In 2019, there were 100 universities and institutes across the country registered with 858 research topics of 2069 participating students in 12 research fields (chemical technology - pharmacy; food technology; information technology; biotechnology - biomedical technology; education; administration - legal; economics; technology; agriculture, forestry and fisheries; planning, architecture and construction; natural resources and environment; commune society and humanities). The organization committee invited 228 scientists and experts to evaluate the researches in the semi-final and final round. There were total 121 prizes this year.

For Thuyloi University, student scientific researchers are always encouraged through Student Science Conference which is held annually. In 2019, there were five student studies in the following fields: chemical technology - pharmacy; information technology; natural resources and environment; planning; architecture and construction were sent to Aréka 2019 committee. Among them, the study which topic research was that "Study on the use combination of rice husk ash and blast furnace slag with new generation super-plasticizer admixture to produce self-compacting concrete for use in hydraulic engineering construction" won consolation prize. It belonged to group of 3 students (Nguyen Quyet Thang - 57CTL2, Le Tien Thinh - 57CXD3 and Nguyen Ngoc Anh - 57GTĐ1) under suppervise of Assoc. Dr. Nguyen Quang Phu – Division of Material - Faculty of Civil Engineering.

TLU’ student team were presenting their study at the final round of Euréka 2019

This was the first time that students of the Thuyloi University registered and won the prize. The study was highly appreciated by the scientific council because the study content was topical, the research results were new, creative and highly applicable in practice to promote economic efficiency and contribute to environmental protection. 

In the framework of the award ceremony, numerous other activities took place such as: workshop and exhibition of studies at the final round, community activities, gala, camping team building in Can Gio mangrove forest, visiting historic places and hi-tech park of Ho Chi Minh City. These were precious chances for TLU’s lecturers and students participating to interact, exchange and introduce the university to nearly 100 other universities.

Group photo with Organizing Committee for the award of Euréka 2019 

On this occasion, the team visited the second campus of Thuyloi universiry at Ho Chi Minh city and Binh Duong Province.


TLU Team visit Campus 2 at No. 2 Truong Sa, Ward 17, Binh Thanh District - Ho Chi Minh City   

TLU Team visit Facility 2 at An Thanh Ward, Thuan An Town - Binh Duong Province  

It is hope that the student scientific research activities will be increasingly interested and attracted by more and more students in the following years. The studies will increase in both quality and quantity so that the university will have many groups of scientific research students wining for ministerial-level student scientific research prizes.