Advanced Program Students awarded Third Prize at Forum 8 Competition In Tokyo, Japan

On November 19, 2019, at the 9th DESIGN FESTIVAL Virtual Design World Cup Forum 8, held in Tokyo, Japan, after 3 months competing with teams from many countries and regions, the team from Advanced program, School of International Education, Thuyloi University excellently won the third prize in the final round of the contest with the design of Floating Island.

The team includes Nguyễn Văn Hưng 58CNK (Thuyloi university), Lê Xuân Thành (Hanoi University of Science and Technology) and Nguyễn Nhật Minh 58NKN (Thuy Loi university) was awarded Third Prize with their design of Floating Island.

Competing with teams from England, Japan, Korea, China, Australia, Taiwan, Pakistan, India, Myanmar and so forth, two out of 6 participating teams from Vietnam have won to attend the finals in Tokyo, Japan. On the day of the finale, competing with the encouragement and support from Vietnam, the team consisted of Nguyễn Nhật Minh 58NKN and Nguyễn Văn Hưng 58CNK from Advanced Program (Thuyloi University) and Lê Xuân Thành (Hanoi University of Technology) gave an excellent presentation.

Group of students taking the exam (far left) and poster design of the group

Through many rounds of elimination, the products of the participating teams this year are of high quality with good ground. The third prize selected by the judges confirmed the hard work and creative ideas from students from Advanced Program.

Talking about their accomplishments, the group shared feelings of joy and surprise with the results they achieved. Besides, the group sees a lot of benefits for students when participating in this contest. They have 1 week of interesting experience with life in Japan - experience the pace of life of Japanese people with high-speed bullet train and subway; try the specialties, join festivals and famous tourist destinations in Japan. Moreover, participating in the competition helps students learn many skills, especially teamwork and time management skills, and they are exposed to useful 3D modeling software for engineers. In particular, this is also an opportunity to meet and interact with teams from other countries and international students.

Two teams from Vietnam in Tokyo, Japan

Sharing about their feelings and achievements at the competition, the group thought that this was a useful contest for students, a precious opportunity for them to experience the life in Japan, to practice using useful software in their later careers as engineers, and great opportunities to practice English and a lot of other skills. Regarding the experience of the contest, the team also thought that good English proficiency is very important and will be shown in the presentation as well as in stages of making posters or clips for the model. The most important thing, according to the contest group, when participating, be confident and be yourself to show your best.

Two teams from Vietnam winning the Third prize

The success of the student group is a clear testament to the dynamism and creativity of Advanced Program students, SIE, Thuyloi University. Along with the strength in the ability to use English – significant characteristic of students of Advanced Program, they have grasped and updated technology improvements and developments on a national and regional scale, and at the same time promoted their talents and creative thinking and reaping certain results. Congratulations and wish the team members will continue to achieve much more success in the future.

By Anh Phuong