Publications in 2012

ISI-indexed articles

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Scopus-indexed articles

1. T.L.Huong Nguyen, Masami Ohtsubo, Takahiro Higash & Motohei Kanayama. (2012). Heavy metal concentration in sediments of the Nhue river and its water-irrigated farmland soil in the suburbs of Hanoi, Vietnam. Soil and sediment contamination: An international Journal, 21(3), 361-381.

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Non-ISI articles

1. Khac-Minh Nguyen, Van-Khanh Pham & Anh-Tuan Pham. (2012). A New Approach for Ranking Efficient Units in Data Envelopment Analysis and Application to a Sample of Vietnamese Agricultural Bank Branches. American Journal of Operation Research, 2(1), 126-136.

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