Training students to meet social needs

The combining theory with practice is an inevitable of training in the current technology era. This is the guiding principle for training of Thuyloi University. Stemming from creative ideas in studying process, TLU’s students have created life-applied products.

After getting approval from the Ministry of Education and Training for establishing Chemistry Engineering program, TLU built a 5S principle-applied-Chemistry Engineering Laboratory. The laboratory has equipped with modern experimental equipment so that students can study and realize their creative ideas. At the university, every subject have a lot of activities which can help students to practise, combining theory with practice, skills with practice. When participating in these activities, students are very excited because they have many opportunities to be creative.

Chemistry Engineering Laboratory applied 5S principle

During the COVID-19 pandemic prevention campaign, students and lecturers of Chemical Engineering Program produced 3000 liters of CE-TLU sanitizer to supporting students and local residents, contributing with the whole country to join hands in preventing and fighting Covid-19. The product was manufactured according to WHO formula, and is certified by the Center for Standard, Metrology and Quality 1, the General Department of Standards Metrology.

After coming back to university after social distancing because of COVID-19, the students continued to produce a series of products such as candles, dishwashing liquid, soap, shampoo etc. Up to now, the students of Chemical Engineering Program have produced enough most cleaners for household demand. All CE-TLU products are gentle, safe. They did not contain harmful chemicals and did not harm the hands. The students were happy to make products because they were not only finish their assignments but also have their own products.

CE-TLU dishwashing liquid "beat all grease”

CE-TLU soap with a variety of flavors

CE-TLU lip sticks, lotion having gentle fragrance

Sharing the creative ideas of her group, Nguyen Thi Trang, a student of 58KTH class, said: “On the market today, there are many types of lipstick which are unsafe but used by many students because of their low price. From that real situation, we want to create hand made products such as lipsticks, lotion and household products such as dishwashing liquid, soap, shampoo, etc. which are safe for skin, low cost and suit students.”

Students learned how to apply the knowledge gained in lectures to build ideas to produce environmentally friendly products. Student Le Phan Cam Linh, 58KTH class expressed: “There are many ways to make these products, but our team prioritizes the environmentally-friendly products, which are made from natural ingredients.”

These studies all started from the initiative of students and the link between theory and practice. Students must master specialized knowledge at the university and find more in books, with the help of lecturers, and take months to create complete products. Dr. Le Thu Huong, lecturer of the Department of Chemical Engineering, said: "At present, these products are in the process of researching to market."

When talking about plans for the coming academic year, Assoc.Prof. Dr. Dang Thi Thanh Le, Head of Department of Chemical Engineering, said: “We will create favorable conditions for students to participate in the Entrepreneurship Competition held at the end of 2020 and make a graduation project for actual products as a startup project.”