TLU launches a job portal

The launching ceremony of TLU’s job portal took place at T35 Hall in the afternoon of January 12, 2021.

The opening of TLU’s job portal is cooperation between Thuyloi University and Joint Stock Company. The portal aims to provide information related to employment, connect TLU’s students with businesses, and help the student to find internship opportunities.

Signing of the cooperation agreement between TLU and Company

The TLU’s job portal is at the website:, which has the function of supporting job search for students and labour recruitment for businesses. The portal is deployed and connected with many different businesses and industries. When posting job postings on the above portal, the employer must clearly state the job description, specific salary and general introduction about the company. The portal has a friendly interface that can be viewed on mobile phones and computers. Here, it helps businesses and employees connect with each other more easily, with features of online filing, online interviews. This feature helps to close the gap between employees and employers.

At the TLU’s job portal, employers post job positions, students or alumni look for jobs, retrofit job applications, soft skills through videos, lookup information on part-time jobs, internship opportunities in large enterprises.

Interface of TLU’s job portal

TLU’s Vice President, Prof. Dr. Nguyễn Trung Việt affirmed that TLU’ job portal would be an access point, creating an online transaction environment for students and businesses. “This is a particularly important activity, suitable for the context in which students are struggling to find jobs to have opportunities to find jobs according to their abilities and at the same time help final year students easily find an internship. The launch of the  portal is the effort of the functional departments of Thuyloi University  and the Joint Stock Company to show the university's interest in students as well as building brand, reputation of the university, integrating into the general trend of society in promoting digitization in many economic and social fields”, he said.

Also at the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement to launch the job portal of Thuyloi University, there was a seminar on "Determining and conquering career goals" of CEOs. The seminar helps to equip students with essential knowledge and skills so that they can get good jobs as well as improve themselves to succeed in their career.

Seminar on "Determining and conquering career goals"

This can be considered as an important event of the university to concretize its commitment in creating the best conditions for students to have stable and suitable jobs right after graduation. The launching of the TLU’s job portal facilitates connection with many businesses, increasing job opportunities and providing suitable places for students to practice.