TLU joins hand with 6 technical universities in training engineers

On the morning of 27 June 2020, 7 leading technical universities in Vietnam signed an agreement on common principles in the development of the engineer training programs.

The signing ceremony of the joint announcement took place with the participation of universities in the technical sector including Thuyloi University, Hanoi University of Technology,  Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, University of Da Nang University-University of Science and Technology, National University of Engineering, University of Transport and Communication and Hanoi University of Mining and Geology.

The universities discussed and agreed on a number of principles to develop engineering training programs such as the number of credits, training models and standards of common programs.

At the ceremony, the presidents of 7 participating universities in turn announced the roadmap for developing engineers training programs.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Thu Thuy, Acting Director of the Higher Education Department, appreciated the solidarity and spilloverness of this cooperation in educational activities, and said that the overall unity among universities did not affect only domestic but also international labor market.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Thu Thuy, Acting Department of Higher Education Department expected that the cooperation spirit of the 7 universities would be spread throughout the whole higher education system.

Developing standards for each level of education and training in Vietnam is very important. It is the orientation of the minimum common ground of Vietnamese human resources for the needs of domestic and international labor markets.

Assoc.Prof. Dr. Hoang Minh Son, President of Hanoi University of Science and Technology said: “With the responsibility of technical universities in developing human resources for the country in the digital transformation period, we want to bring the best quality training programs and provide businesses with high-quality human resources, consistent with the development of technology and society. We hope that the degree of engineer trained in Vietnam can match and be appreciated in the region and around the world.”

Prof. Dr. Trinh Minh Thu, President of Thuyloi University giving a speech at the signing ceremony

Prof. Dr. Trinh Minh Thu, President of TLU, added: “The universities will jointly agree on the curriculum framework according to the national training program. In addition, the universities will share their experiences, resources, training contents as well as build output standards, credit recognition between universities, create favorable conditions for students to enable them to study from one university to another.”

7 leading technical universities in Vietnam signed agreement on career- focused engineering programs

Specifically, the training programs for engineers will be develop in the direction of career focusing with program standards on input, output and volume of knowledge, ensuring the equivalent to the master's degree and reaching level 7 according to National Qualification Framework. With a minimum of 180 credits and standardized training quality, graduates can learn to transfer knowledge between undergraduate and master course. 

This is the first step in the pioneering direction to improve the quality of training programs to meet the actual needs of society. The development of a common standard for engineering training programs is not only meaningful in domestic, but also particularly important for Vietnam during the period of international integration, when the value of a traditional engineering degree standardized and upgraded.

Source: Dantri