TLU explores potential collocation with Hosei University in Robotics and AI

In the context of restricted international movement, TLU continues to make effort in extending international cooperation network via email system and online meetings. On 17 July, upon continuing the discussion in the previous visit of Hosei’s delegation to TLU in November 2019, the zoom meeting between the two universities are organized with the aim of exploring the potential cooperation in Robotic Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Electrical-Electronic Engineering.

From TLU’s meeting room

Participants from Hosei University include Vice President and Executive Trustee Prof. OGAWA Koichi and six high position professors from Academic strategy and planning office, Institute of Integrated Science and Technology and Faculty of Science and Engineering.


Prof. OGAWA Koichi, Hosei University’s Vice President and Executive Trustee

From TLU include President Prof. Trịnh Minh Thụ, Vice President Prof. Nguyễn Trung Việt and seven managers from Departments of Academic Affairs, International Cooperation, School for International Education and Faculties of Mechanical Engineeing, Computer Science and Engineering and Electrical-Electronic Engineering.

Prof. Trịnh Minh Thụ, TLU’s President opens the meeting

During the opening speech, Prof. Trịnh Minh Thụ expresses his appreciation for Hosei University’s enthusiasm and goodwill towards TLU which is manifested by the arrangment of this online meeting in the worrisome situation of the pandemic in Japan and the time difference between the two countries. The President especially thanks Prof. Harada Satoru for connecting TLU with Hosei and emphasizes the university’s high hope that the collaborative initiatives with Hosei will be realized and thereby help push TLU one step closer to the regional and international standards in training and research in Robotic Engineering and AI.

Vice President Prof. Nguyễn Trung Việt introduces about TLU

Before the discussion about the cooperative initiatives, the representative of each university takes turn to briefly present the history and achievements of the universities with focus on the common areas that both sides might cooperate. There is no doubt that Hosei University is one of the biggest partners of TLU with nearly 120 years of age and the current rank of the 6th in Japan and 112th in the world in terms of research productivity. Hosei University’s researchers have achieved impressive accomplishments in robotic research. Below shows a recent product of the research on octopus-inspired soft multi-legged robot led by Prof. Kazuyuki Ito, Deputy Dean of Faculty of Science and Engineering.

The soft multi-legged robot inspired by octopus: climbing various columnar objects (source: tandfonline)

TLU is proud of research on using robots in structural fault detection, applied in dam safety management. In addition, TLU’s researchers also apply AI technologies in disaster management, air pollution monitoring in urban areas and analysis and comparison anti-Covid 19 solutions.

TLU’s researcher use robots in fault detection for dams

Both universities express high appreciation for the research achievements presented and confirmed the interest in finding the common areas for cooperation. Taking this chance, TLU proposes 7 points of potential collaboration with Hosei University:

  1. Developing a high quality undergraduate program of Robotic Engineering
  2. Building laboratories and facilities for training and research
  3. Training lecturers of TLU at Hosei University
  4. Visiting professors from Hosei to teach at TLU
  5. Exchange/internship program in RE and AI
  6. Joint research in RE, AI and EE
  7. Introducing graduates to recruiting enterprises in Japan and Vietnam

Both sides agree to look into the cooperative initiatives and continue to discuss the next steps to realize the partnership. An online seminar will be organized soon for the reserachers of the two universities share their works and products in more details. It is hoped that TLU and Hosei will become each other’s strong partner, bringing great benefits to the two universities as well as making contributions to the development of Vietnam and Japan.

Bich Ha – Dept. of International Cooperation