Thuyloi University signs MOU with the Institute of Natural Products Chemistry

On 21 February 2020, the Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony between Thuyloi University and the Institute of Natural Products Chemistry was successfully held, opening opportunities for training, scientific research and production services between the two parties.

The Institute of Natural Products Chemistry has functions in the fields of chemistry of natural compounds, pharmaceutical chemicals and new materials.The regular activities of the institute include producing and trading products on the basis of research results or improving technologies for pharmaceutical, food, agriculture, environmental protection, exploration and oil exploited; training professional skills, consulting, designing and manufacturing equipment, analyzing, appraising, supervising and transferring technology. 

TLU signed MoU with the Institute of Natural Products Chemistry

Accordingly, in the training, the two parties agreed to organize seminars on job opportunities, regulations and culture of the institute for students of Chemical Engineering Sector - TLU. Besides, two parties cooperate in training students to meet the specific requirements of each party. TLU will send internships to the institute. In the research and industrytwo parties will coordinate in the field of chemical engineering, natural products chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry and new materials. In addition, one of the important agreements approved by the two parties is the coordination to deploy the activities of the Applied Chemistry Research Cente of TLU in Pho Hien Campus.

Prof. Dr. Pham Quoc Long - Director of Institute of Natural Products Chemistry was giving the speech

According to Prof. Dr. Trinh Minh Thu - President of TLU, the university focuses on three targets: training, scientific research and technology transfer to serve the community. Therefore, the university has cooperated with many businesses, universities, research institutes, nationally and internationally. Those collaborative activities will help inprove the training programs and content of subjects, human resources and facilities for training and research of TLU. Prof. Thu hoped that the cooperation with the Institute of Natural Products Chemistry will bring sustainable values ​​for both parties and society. 

Prof. Dr. Trinh Minh Thu - President of TLU

Right after the signing ceremony, the TLU will set up a detailed plan for each cooperative activity to implement the terms of the agreement effectively. Institute of Natural Products Chemistry will coordinate with the Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Chemistry and Environment in training students, doing graduation thesis; at the same time review training programs to meet the requirements of industries.