Thuyloi University signs MOU with College of Engineering, Seoul National University

On 27 September 2019, the Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony between Thuyloi University and the College of Engineering, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea was successfully held, marking a milestone in tightening the relationship between the two parties.

The MOU between TLU and SNU CoE was signed

The ceremony was witnessed by Assoc. Prof. Van Thinh Nguyen, PhD. (Dr.-Ing.), Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Seoul National University (SNU), Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Danh Thao, Vice President of Ho Chi Minh University of Technology and especially the newly appointed TLU’s Distinguished Professors. Representing TLU itself were Prof. Trinh Minh Thu, the President, Vice President Prof. Nguyen Trung Viet and other senior staffs.

Overview of the Ceremony

Prof. Dr. Trinh Minh Thu expressed TLU’s honour to sign the agreement on academic and research collaboration with the College of Engineering, SNU. As a member of the top South Korea’s national research university founded in 1946, SNU CoE has been highly appreciated for its outstanding achievements and advancement in research and education. Therefore, TLU is proud to become a new partner in the network of more than 400 academic partnerships of the College. TLU’s President emphasized his hope that the MOU will bring about positive benefits to both sides through practical academic and research exchanges in near future.

Prof. Dr. Trinh Minh Thu – TLU’s President

Upon signing this MOU, TLU and SNU CoE aim to further stimulate joint activities, including exchange of academic and administrative staff and students; cooperation in research and the presentation of its results; exchange of academic materials, publications and other scientific information; collaboration and exchange of resources and staff in the area of library and other auxiliary services; as well as other educational and academic exchanges to which both universities agree.

Assoc. Prof. Van Thinh Nguyen, PhD. giving a speech at the Ceremony

Speaking on behalf of the SNU CoE, Assoc. Prof. Van Thinh Nguyen briefed the introduction of the College and then promised that he will try his best to be the connection between two institutions. As a member of the program, he expressed his excitement and expectation of the new opportunities lining up.

TLU considers the MoU as an important step in developing academic and educational cooperation based on equality and reciprocity as well as promoting the partnership and mutual understanding with the College of Engineering and with Seoul National University in the future.