Thuyloi University’s students have launched the face mask with a film made of rice straw

(TLU) - This is an initiative of lecturers and students from the Faculty of Chemistry and Environment - Thuyloi University, who won the Encouragement prize of the contest "HUST Youth Innovation 2020".

The project "Fabrication of biological nano film from rice straw, applying to produce B-Mask" is researched by a group of female students (named B-Plastic group). The aim of this research is to solve health concerns due to air pollution, preventing and control of Covid-19 epidemic, minimizing medical waste and agricultural organic waste.

Face mask with a film made of rice straw - B-Mask

Once the rice has been harvested and the grain extracted, a huge amount of rice straw is leftover. Most of the leftover rice straw is burned in the fields, causing environmental pollution, dust and obscuring vision. Therefore, the project of producing rice straw masks can take advantage of this abundant available material.

TLU students have used technology to extract the leftover rice straw and create biological nano films. This film is used in the manufacture of face masks, and is effective against COVID-19. The properties of the mask such as dust filtration performance, heavy metal content, and microbiology have been checked according to the permissible standards. Particularly, rice straw masks do not harm the environment because they only need to change the membrane filter and they can be reused.

B-Plastic group from TLU presenting the project in the contest

In the contest "HUST Youth Innovation 2020”, this project has been evaluated as a useful and up-to-date idea and awarded. The B-Plastic group also said that due to lack of budget, the products are still in the finishing stage. In the near future, the group will seek investment for mass production, marketing and commercialization of products.

Congratulations to B-Plastic group from TLU!

Ha Ngan - International Cooperation Department