Thuyloi University cooperates with Dong Nai Plastic Joint Stock Company

On August 25, 2020, Thuyloi University (TLU) and Dong Nai Plastic Joint Stock Company (DNP) signed a memorandum of understanding in research, scientific and technological transfer and training of high quality human resources.

Established in 1976, DNP is currently organized as an investment holding company, consisting of many member units, focusing on two strategic industries: plastic and clean water. With the plastic industry, DNP plans to be in the top 3 plastic companies in Vietnam in terms of scale and product diversity in the next 5 years. DNP also aims to become the number 1 private company investing in the water industry, pioneering in technology, innovation and computerization.

Mr Vũ Đình Độ, Chairman of DNP speaks at the ceremony

Over the past years, DNP has grown rapidly and continuously with total assets of over 4,800 billion VND, total revenue of nearly 2,800 billion VND, creating more than 1,200 jobs. Currently, DNP owns 15 factories in different provinces across the country with a total capacity of plastic products of 8,500 tons per month and 700,000 cubic metters of clean water  per day and night. Many investment activities of DNP are being strongly promoted and promise to achieve high efficiency.

Overview of the signing ceremony

At the ceremony, leaders of the two sides discussed and agreed to sign MoU with aiming to strengthening the cooperation relationship, promoting the strengths of each side to improve their competitiveness, ready to integrate for long-term, stable and sustainable development of each side, including:

- Cooperating in scientific research and scientific and technological transfer

- Cooperating in human resource development

- Co-organizing scientific seminars and conferences which both sides are interested in

Acordingly, Thuyloi University will organise training courses to improve professional skills the orders of DNP; provide qualified experts in the field of water resource management for DNP;  introduce outstanding students to join internships and work for DNP. DNP will advise TLU of actual capacity requirements on human resources that enterprises need, so that the university can adjust and supplement  the training programs acordingly. Along with that, DNP will sponsor TLU for scientific research projects and training programs. The company will also create favorable conditions for students of TLU to visit, intern and work at offices and factories of DNP.

Group photo

The memorandum of understanding is the basis for both sides to sign official contracts for each specific cooperative object. The two sides will cooperate to build detailed and specific plans to implement the annual activities. It is hoped that the cooperation will bring fruitful results in the near future.