Thuyloi University confers the title Distinguished Professor on eight international academics

In a formal ceremony held on 27th September 2019, Thuyloi University honoured the eight world-class professors from Japan, France, Canada and the USA as the first international Distinguished Professors of the university.

Thuyloi University’s President with the eight Distinguished Professors

The professors conferred the title of Distinguished Professor were Prof. Tomoya Shibayama (Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan), Prof. Hitoshi Tanaka (Tohoku University, Japan), Prof. Yoshimitsu Tajima (University of Tokyo, Japan), Prof. Hiroshi Takagi (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan), Prof. Van Thanh Van Nguyen (McGill University, Canada), Assoc.Prof. Nguyen Van Thinh (Seoul National University, South Korea), Prof. Changsheng Chen (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, USA) and Prof. Alexis Drogoul (French Research Institute for Development, France).

TLU’s leaders met with the appointed professors before the ceremony

In the academic world, all eight professors are recognized as the top professors and researchers for their outstanding scholarly achievements and scientific contributions. They have received many notable prizes and awards that evidence their important roles in their respective fields of research. As well-respected academics, the professors also have been acting in various leadership positions, not only at their departments, universities or institutes, but also in national and international professional associations, expert committees and prestigious scholar journals. Therefore, it is Thuyloi University’s great honor that the esteemed professors have accepted to become the Distinguished Professors of the University.

Prof. Trinh Minh Thu, President of TLU opened the ceremony

Speaking at the ceremony, President Trinh Minh Thu expressed the gratitude for the continued support of the professors for the faculty members, staff and students of Thuyloi University for the part years. He hopes that the conferment will be a landmark that further enhance the cooperation between the Distinguished Professors and the faculty members of Thuyloi University in scientific research, academic exchange as well as joint projects that help develop innovative solutions to the problems in Vietnam and the world.

TLU’s Vice President Nguyen Trung Viet presented at the ceremony

Before the conferment, Prof. Nguyen Trung Viet, Vice President of TLU, had a lively presentation on the biography of the appointed professors and their collaborations with TLU over the past years. He highlighted not only the significant contributions the professors have been making to Vietnam and TLU through effective cooperation in research and education, but also the close friendships they have maintained with lecturers of TLU.

Thuyloi University's Conferment of Distinguised Professor 

After Prof. Viet’s presentation, President Trinh Minh Thu formally presented the Letter of Appointment to each of the eight esteemed professors, officially conferring them the title of Distinguished Professor of Thuyloi University. Speaking on behalf of the appointed professors, Prof. Tanaka, Prof. Van and Prof. Drogoul all expressed their appreciation for the conferment and promised to continue the strong partnership with TLU’s lecturers and staff with a few proposals for future potential cooperation pointed out.

TLU believes that the Distinguished Professors will continue to be the strong connection between Thuyloi University and their respective universities and institutes and actively contribute to build, maintain, expand and strengthen the collaborative partnerships at institution level.