Students back to university after the longest Tet holiday ever

On 11 May 2020, Thuyloi University welcomed students back after a three-month break due to Covid-19 pandemic. The university applies flexible schedule, conducts body temperature measurement and instructs students to take preventive measures.

To put students’ health as the top priority, the university has implemented a lot of measures to welcome students such as: Cloramine B disinfectant spray in classrooms, laboratory practice rooms, working rooms and dormitories; seriously comply with the guidance of the Ministry of Education and Training and the guidance of the Ministry of Health during the time of preventing epidemic. 

The university also regularly propagated to students the recommendations and guidance of the Ministry of Health on solutions to prevent disease and epidemic transmission in order to ensure that students understand clearly about the disease situation and have the best preparation when back to university. 

Right on the first day students return to study (May 11), the university has arranged staffs and volunteer students to check body temperature for students and deliver hand sanitizers and masks for free to the student coming to study at the university.

To ensure safety in the university area, Prof. Dr. Tran Viet On - Vice Rector also recommended: "Students and students should come 15 minutes earlier, encourage students to measure their own temperature before coming. If there is a sign of fever, students shouldn’t go to university. They must wash their hands with antiseptic hand sanitizer provided by the university in the corridors, common walkways of the buildings ... ". Students are requested to limit going outside the classroom during breaks between classes. Along with that, they are asked to not gather in public places, outside the university and keep a safe distance. In order to ensure the quality of teaching and learning, the notice No. 297 / TB-DHTL also issued on 5 May 2020 regarding the adjustment of the second semester plan for the academic year 2019-2020 (both the main semester and the semester parallel, summer semester) to fit the new situation.

Some photos of the first day students back to university:

TLU’ students wash their hands and have their body temperature checked before entering the classroom

Measuring body temperature at the entrance of the lecture hall

Healthcare staff support to measure body temperature

The first lesson was in an exciting and effective atmosphere