Job opportunities provided for TLU's graduates

Thuyloi University has cooperated with many businesses to create job opportunities and TLU's students are recruited right after graduation. On morning 16 October 2020, the program of recruiting and directly interviewing students of LG Electronics Vietnam Hai Phong Co., Ltd took place at Hall T35 - TLU.

Recruitment program took place at Hall T35

LG is known as one of the world's leading brands in the field of electronics and home electrical appliances. Founded in 1947 in Korea, up to now, LG has more than 120 branches and representative offices in many countries. In 1995, LG officially appeared in Vietnam, and became a familiar name to Vietnamese consumers. In parallel with its business activities, the cooperation with the motto "people are first priority", continuously participate in the implementation of social charity programs. In 2013, the production complex of LG Electronics Corporation in Hai Phong was officially licensed. Located on an area of ​​40 hectares in Trang Due industrial park with an investment of 1.5 billion dollars, LG's factory project is considered one of the largest foreign investment projects in Hai Phong City today, will create tens of thousands of jobs next time.

LG Electronics Vietnam Hai Phong Co., Ltd recruited and directly interviewed students of TLU who graduated the programs such as: Electricity - Electronics, Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, Information Technology etc for  the positions in Production Department, Research and Development Department, Quality Management Department, Production Engineering Department, Sale Department.

Representatives of LG Electronics Vietnam Hai Phong Co., Ltd interviewed students 

Students of TLU participated in the recruitment program

Previously, at the graduation ceremony and delivery bachelor degrees in semester II of the academic year 2019-2020 on October 15, a number of companies such as Bao Son Group, THACO Group ... also shared recruitment information for students in many different positions such as: engineer, administrative staff, accountant, business administration etc.

Representatives of Bao Son Group awarded scholarships to excellent students (2 million VND / person)

THACO Group wants to cooperate with TLU to open up job opportunities for students

Thuyloi University always creates the best conditions for students to study and connects industry to support students to find good jobs right after graduation. The high quality humam resources from TLU are highly appriciated by companies.