Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management

Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management’ has also been granted the Erasmus Mundus label, TU Delft (Institute of Technology into Delft University of Technology, Netherlands ) is the author of this Master's degree programme...

The Erasmus Mundus Master in Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management (CoMEM) is a two-year, English taught international Master’s programme, in which five high-rated European universities participate. As a student, you will familiarise yourself with the key issues involved in providing sustainable, environmentally friendly, legally and economically acceptable solutions to various problems in the CoMEM field. In doing so, you will get to know the geographical diversity of north to south coastal and marine systems and gain knowledge on the most advanced tools and techniques on offer. You will also further develop your research skills. EU scholarships for selected "third-country" graduate students will be available. Third country graduate students are nationals from a third country other than those from EU Member States, EEA-EFTA States and candidate countries for accession to the European Union.

During the programme, you get to visit universities in three different countries. All participating students spend the first semester in Trondheim, Norway and the second semester in Delft, the Netherlands. In the second year, you can either go to Barcelona (Spain), London (UK) or Southampton (UK) for the third semester. After that you will be doing your thesis work at one of the three universities you visited.

All participating universities have long-standing relations with private firms, public administrations and other research and education institutes, which as a student you will benefit from. Not only does studying in different European countries mean you will meet and work with professionals from various backgrounds and gather knowledge on a wide range of issues involved, you will also get a comprehensive EU perspective on CoMEM related issues. This will help you develop a coherent and integrated approach that is applicable to a more global perspective as well.  

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