TLU's Research Strengths

Thuyloi University is a leading science and technology institute in Vietnam in the fields of water resources, hydropower, natural resources, environment, disaster management, rural development, mechanics, economics and information technology.

Annually, a significant number of research projects are initiated in TLU, including national, bilateral, ministrial or city projects. TLU also participates in various international joint research projects in cooperation with foreign institutes. TLU’s research findings and technology transfer results are highly regarded by government agencies and the society in terms of practicality and sustainability.

Research Strengths

Science and Technology activities in TLU are diverse, ranging from basic science to high-level research and application. TLU’s research strengths include:

- Design and validation technology

- Design criteria standardization

- Structural project design and construction

- Irrigation and drainage system management

- Environment in water resources engineering

- Disaster management

- Mechanics and hydraulic machines

- Hydropower

- Dam and structrural safety

- Climate change and sea level rise

- River, sea dyke erosion

- Modern rural area development

- Chemistry technology

- Biology technology

- Material technology

- Composition of technical procedures, regulations and guidlines

- Basic science

- Additionally, a few other potential fields of study such as early warning for dam safety, sea level rise due to super typhoons, urban flooding, reservoir downstream flooding due to dam failure or flood discharging, etc.


Thuyloi University is an official member of many national and international government and non-government organizations, including:

International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR)

Vietnam University of Science and Technology Association (VUSTA)

Vietnam Irrigation and Drainage Association