Doctoral Programs


1. To help PhD candidates refine and enhance the basic knowledge, have profound understanding of the specialization and relevant practical knowledge, and attain extensive knowledge of related disciplines/majors.

2. To support PhD candidates in improving the abilities of conducting research, detecting and solving problems arise in their majors, and applying their knowledge in real-world situations.

3. To support PhD candidates in developing research methodologies, scientific paper writing skills and presentation skills.

Mode of conduct

Doctoral Programs in Thuyloi University mainly rely on the candidates’ autonomous learning and research under the supervision of scientific advisors. The programs focus on developing the good abilities and habits of engaging in scientific research and thinking critically for problem identification and solving.


The curriculum of doctoral programs generally consists of three parts:

1. prefix or supplemental courses;

2. doctoral courses, research papers and literature review; and

3. doctoral research and dissertation.

Doctoral Programs

1. Solids Mechanics

2. Fluid Mechanics

3. Geotechnical Engineering

4. Water Supply and Drainage Engineering

5. Coastal Engineering

6. Environmental Engineering

7. Water Resources Engineering

8. Hydraulic Engineering

9. Soil and Water Environment

10. Hydrology

11. Construction Management

12. Economic Management

13. Information Technology