Thuyloi University - 60 years of development

Thuyloi University developed from a very small university; up to now has successfully become a multidisciplinary university with effective policiess on human resource development, renovating financial mechanisms, expanding international cooperation and strengthening research capacity. These results thank to countinuous effort of generations of TLU’s staffs and students in the period of 60 years.

The development of TLU experienced 5 main periods as follows:

From 1959 to 1965: Foundation

Thuyloi University (TLU), formerly known as the Academy of Water Resources and Electricity, was founded in 1959 in the context of the Northern part of Vietnam was completely liberated to meet the needs the development of the nation. The institution had three main tasks: water resources research, bachelor education and technical training. The number of teaching staff was 20 and the number students of the first course of the institute was 40.

In 1965, with the support of the Government of the People's Republic of China, the campus, including administrative building, lecture halls, dormitories and laboratories was build the existing ground which is now at 175 Tay Son, Dong Da, Hanoi.

6 th cohort – students were doing experiments

From 1966 to 1975: Evacuation

Due to the war in the North, Thuyloi University organized a major historical move to the mountains of Nghia Phuong Commune, Luc Nam District, Ha Bac Province (now called Bac Giang Province) in June 1965.

During the years in the war from 1965-1975, the lectures and students of TLU still enthusiastically studied. The enrollment scale as well as the form of training continued being expanded.

TLU’s lecturers and students in the evacuation period

From 1976 to 1985: Post-war Reconstruction

The university built and developed in association with the task of building the country after the war. Thuyloi university decided to set up working groups in cooperation with provinces in the hold country to conduct surveys and plans to help agricultural production localities create a new life. The "Three combination" movement: training, scientific research, consultation has been successful since the day the country was unified, existed and developed to this day.

TLU’ students were studying enthusiastically

From 1986 to 2005: Reform

In this period, the development of the university associated with the renovation of the country. Despite being a specialized university, the university's training has started to be interdisciplinary and multi-field. The curriculums have been renewed and supplemented with many new subjects.

An important milestone was that in 1997, the second campus was established in Ho Chi Minh city. The university also set up a lot of science and technology units. They were Center of Water Resources Research and Engineer Application (1990), Center for Applied Hydrology and Environmental Technique (1993), Center for Mechanical Science, Technology and Irrigation Machines (1994), Consultant of Design and Project Quality Appraisal (1998).

Ho Chi Minh Campus

TLU was awarded Independent Order Third Class (1989), Second Class (1994), First Class (1999), Labour Hero (2000), Ho Chi Minh Order (2004), Labour Order First Class (by Laos Government, 2000)

From 2006 to now: Stratergic Development

The period of significant growth of the university due to the implementation of the "University development strategy". The strategy was approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development under Decision No. 1745 / QD-BNN-TCCB on June 15, 2006. As one of the first universites in Vietnam to implement development strategy, TLU set the goal of becoming No. 1 university of Vietnam in the field of water resources, hydropower, natural resources, environment and natural disaster prevention and mitigation while striving to be one of the leading multidisciplinary universities in Vietnam with high integration capacity with the regional and international advanced education system. Rector board, officers, lecturers and students are determined to raise the university to a new level as estalished goal.

TLU received Certificate of Quality Assurance

Up to now, the university has been training multidisciplinary courses with 28 undergraduate programs including 2 advanced programs conducted fully in English, 21 master's programs including 4 international master's program conduted fully in English and 11 doctoral programs. The scale of training generally stays stable at enrollment target of 3500 bachelor students, 700 master students and 20 Phd students annually.

Opening ceremony of the academic year 2019-2020

Implementing the development strategy in a science and technology, the university has established 4 institutes: Institute of Water Resources and Environment (in Ho Chi Minh city), Institute of Water Resources Engineering; Institute of Civil Engineering and Institute of Hydrology, Environment and Climate Change. Research projects and technology transfer projects have focused on researching and solving urgent issues on water resources, environment and natural disaster prevention and mitigation in regions of the whole country.

19 th APD Congress hosted by TLU

It can be seen the fruitful development of international cooperation of TLU in this period. Newly opened in 2018, Pho Hien campus is modern complex which is capable of accomodating 13,000 student. The campus is the result of a cooperative endeavor between TLU, Hung Yen’s local authority and Asian Development Bank.

Pho Hien Campus

The university has signed a lot MOUs with universities and organisations of 23 countries around the world, such as Japan, Korea, China, The Netherlands, Germany, Italia, England, United State of America, Australia, New Zealand... The university began to expand cooperative relations with foreign businesses with the aim of improving the university's training programs to meet the needs of society and as well as support TLU’s students have opportunities of getting good jobs in international labour markets.

TLU cooperated with Hitachi and Siemens in development laboratory of smart factory

With the strong determination and unification of the all staffs and students, Thuyloi University can aim at higher targets and will achieve better accomplishments in the coming years.