1/6/2017 10:27:00 PM
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The CUOMO Foundation, International non-government organization support the Project of Strengthening the Education and Training Capacity for Thuyloi University in the period of 2016-2020

The CUOMO Foundation, International non-government organization duly organized and created under the laws of the Principalityof Monaco presented by its president, Mrs. Maria Elena Cuomo.Since its official establishment in 2001, the Foundation action projects around the world enable the deprived and voiceless, particularly the young, to a better life, a better education and a better future.





Mrs. Maria Elena Cuomopresident of Cuomo foundation



As one of the first universities founded to focus on education and research on Water Resources and Hydropower in Vietnam, Thuyloi University has defined the visionto become the leading university training high-quality human resource that meets the requirements of water sector development, as well as a prestigious science and technology center in the fields of water resources, hydropower, natural resources, environment and disaster management, contributing to the socio-economic sustainable development of Vietnam. 





It is honor for Thuyloi University to be supported 30.000USD for Multimedia Room in Room 203 - Building B1 by COUMO Foundation. The Multimedia room are designated for students to use in order to practice 4 language skills and possibly facilitate learning and teaching other major subjects namely Hydrology, ConstructionEngineering Sys and Decision Analysis, Introduction Civil Engineering/Environment Engineering, Introduction to CAD, etc.



Multimedia room includes basic technology infrastructure for teaching and learningwith mainequipment as below:



-          Fixed projector



-          30 Pcs with headphones and microphones



-          Internet connectivity at instructor station



-          Air conditioners




ThuyloiUniversity has utilized effectively the Multimedia room during days of week as the followings:




Thank you so much for Cuomo’s support to Thuyloi University. We also hope the relationship between Coumo Foundation and Thuyloi University is much more strengthened for other project in the future.