Tel: 043 852 2024 Email: vpkhoacongtrinh@wru.edu.vn Website: civil.wru.edu.vn
 Training diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate:
- Diploma program: Construction Engineering Technology.
- BSc programs: Civil Engineering; Hydraulic Structures Engineering; Transportation Engineering; Construction Engineering Technology; Advanced Program in Civil Engineering (conducted fully in English, in cooperation with University of Arkansas - USA).
- MSc programs: Hydraulic Structures Engineering; Geotechnical Engineering; Construction Management; Sustainable Hydraulics Structures (conducted in English, in cooperation with University of Liege - Belgium).
- PhD programs: Hydraulic Structures Engineering; Geotechnical Engineering Construction; Solid Mechanics.
 Organizing professional short courses on Reservoir Safety; Project Management; Construction Inspection; Construction ...
 Executing scientific research projects, science and technology application projects and technology transfer in the above-mentioned fields.
- Department of Hydraulic Structures - Department of Structural Engineering
- Department of Construction Technology and Management - Department of Civil and Industrial Construction
- Department of Strength of Material and Structural Mechanics - Department of Transportation Engineering
- Department of Geotechnical Engineering
- Department of Construction Materials - Department of Port and Navigation Construction
The Faculty is in charge of 4 laboratories: Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory, Construction Materials Laboratory, Materials Strength Laboratory and Structure Engineering Laboratory.