TLU signs Basic Agreement on Technical Cooperation with Nikken Kogaku Co., Ltd., Japan

On 22th May 2019, the Agreement Signing Ceremony between Nikken Kogaku Co.Ltd. (Japan) and Thuyloi University was held to promote the technical cooperation between the two sides.

Group photo

Nikken Kogaku Co., Ltd provides consulting services and offers various types of building materials and advance blocks for riverbank and coast protection and port and island structures. The company has made contributions to numerous structural projects in Viet Nam and in the world.

Since 2010, TLU and Nikken Kogaku have joined hands in many activities. In December 2010, the two sides successfully organized the Seminar of Design and Engineering Frontier for Coastal Facility. In April 2011, they worked together on hydraulic experiments and then in 2013, facilitated the use of building blocks at Nghi Son Port in Thanh Hoa. Currently, TLU is cooperating with the Company to apply new advance technologies for ports, coast and island protection structures in Viet Nam. In addition, the Company also has been sponsoring for TLU’s International Conferences as well as supporting TLU’s PhD candidates in their research and thesis defence.

Scientific seminar co-organized by Nikken Kogaku and TLU in December 2010

3D hydraulic modelling experiment (Nov 2013) 

Site inspection at the wavebreaker construction – Nghi Son Refinery Port Project (April 2015)

Before signing the Basic Agreement on Technical Cooperation, Prof. Trinh Minh Thu, President of TLU, expressed his appreciation for the effective cooperation between Nikken Kogaku and TLU’s faculty members in highly applicable and practical scientific studies on various projects in Viet Nam. The leaders of Nikken Kogaku and TLU both shared their expectation to further develop the partnership in training, technology transfer and production with the focus on the social demands. The TLU’s leader also proposed to have academic exchanges with the Company through short-term mutual visits of the two sides’ staff and joint workshops and seminars.

Mr. Yasuomi Taki – General Director of International Division speaks at the Ceremony

In response, Mr. Yasuomi Taki agrees with all of the proposals and emphasizes that the objective of the Basic Agreement is to establish a high-level technical cooperation in business activities to promote the products and technologies of the Company, and thereby constructing high-quality infrastructures, contributing to the development of Viet Nam. He affirmes that TLU is always one of the Company’s long-term partners. 

TLU and Nikken Kogaku sign the Basic Agreement on Technical Cooperation

The signing ceremony is a milestone in the close partnership between TLU and Nikken Kogaku which is now has been further promoted with more cooperative activities education, production and technology transfer having planned for the coming time.