Online teaching and learning offered during TLU closure due to the Covid-19 outbreak

The TLU students haven’t been back the university after Tet holiday due to the Covid-19 epidemic. It has affected the review of knowledge and catching up with the study. Therefore, TLU is focusing on implementing professional solutions to help students get ready for learning tasks right when they back to university, one of which is applying online teaching and learning method.

Interface of an online classroom

In order to prevent the spread of the Covid-19, TLU has been applying online teaching and learning method since February 2020. This model is being implemented by lecturers and students with enthusiasm. All the information is quickly up-to-date via email and official TLU fanpage.

The University has trained the lecturers on how to create and maintain online classes on the Piazza online platform. The students can access learning materials (lectures, readings, practice tests and video clips) via the online learning management system. There are hundreds of students who are supported everyday on how to join a classroom, and to create an online learning account. A detailed plan, lists of classes and a visual guide for students to easily create accounts and attend online classes have been created by the TLU’s departments. Many faculties such as Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Economics & Management, Faculty of Information Technology and others have been prepared early. The lecturers and leaders of these faculties also gave the first lectures.

Prof. Dr Nguyễn Trung Việt – Vice President chaired the training session using online classroom application

In the past time, in addition to participating in training courses using the Piazza software, TLU lecturers have shared experiences and applied many new teaching methods in order to carry out vivid and effective online classes namely: Google Class, Shub Classroom, Zoom Cloud Meetings

TLU lecturers attended the training session using online classroom application

Technology-based tools and resources help students more effectively than previous teaching and learning methodologies. Students are more active in the process of self-study, research, group work and interaction with the instructors every day. Undeniably, besides the positive features, online teaching still has certain limitations. Some students said that the initial difficulty they encountered was due to technical errors, and the learning process also depended on the internet connection, or “Online learning requires everyone's self-discipline, because there are many factors impacting on the concentration ".

However, these obstacles have been mitigated along with increasing advantages. To prepare for an effective online course, students need to ensure the computer is connected to the Internet, study in quiet space, using headphones better than opening separate speakers. They also should regularly check email and the latest announcements on the website or fan page

Information is updated frequently on TLU social network

The shift to applying online teaching method due to the Covid-19 outbreak is both a challenge and an opportunity for the University, giving students interesting experiences as well as ensuring the quality of education in difficult circumstances. Along with strictly implementing the requirements of disease prevention and control, maintaining TLU hygiene activities, the appliance of online teaching and learning model is showing initial effectiveness, and is also an opportunity for teachers and students to approach the current trend of the world.

Ha Ngan – International Cooperation Department