"Journey to the sea" - A good opportunity for students of TLU to meet employers

On 9 October 2020, in order to support students  in connecting  with industry, Thuyloi University cooperated with Works.vn Joint Stock Company to organize online job fair "Journey to the sea ” via website: http://vieclam.tlu.works.vn/. Recruitment agencies interviewed students online via Zoom Cloud Meetings platform.

Attending the opening ceremony, there was Ms. Vũ Thị Xuân - Director of Works.vn Joint Stock Company. On the side of Thuyloi University, there were Prof. Dr. Nguyễn Trung Việt - Vice President, representatives of faculties, departments and students participating in applying for jobs.

Accompanying with the event, there were the recruiters from Tuan Phong Investment Construction and Trading Co. Ltd; Aureole Construction Software Development CompanyJoint Stock Company; Thanh Dat Mechanical and Electrical Manufacturing Trading Joint Stock Company; Viet Tinh Hoa Human Resources Solutions Joint Stock Company; OMT Online Training Management Joint Stock Company etc.

The opening ceremony of online job week at room 225- A2

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Prof. Dr. Nguyễn Trung Việt affirmed that in recent years, the university had always focused on career orientation and finding jobs for students through activities connecting with industry. The companionship of Works.vn and employers for students of TLU was extremely meaningful at that time because students had chances to get good jobs right after graduation. The method of online interview is still new, but many companies are applying in the context of complicated development of Covid-19 pendamic.

Prof. Dr. Nguyễn Trung Việt - Vice President

After the opening, the online interview program between students and recruiters took place on the system of Zoom Cloud Meetings, divided into 5 meeting rooms relatively 5 areas: Accounting, Business Administration, Electromechanism, Information Technology and Engineering.

In online meeting room, each candidate  who was the student of TLU was interviewed in about 20 minutes. The participants of each room include: representatives of companies, one candidate and one secretary of the council from the organizing committee.

The students are interviewed online

On the evening of October 8 the talkshow "How to persuade employers" presented by Ms. Vũ Thị Xuân - Director of Works.vn Joint Stock Company attracted a large number of students. The students were shared nêcssary skills when applying for jobs and participating in interviews; instructions on how to write a CV, how to develop personal development plans to meet requirements of labor market in the 4.0 era etc.

Talkshow "How to persuade employers" takes place at T35 Hall

With the desire to help students easily find suitable jobs after graduation, the university encourages them to access the university's job portal at: http: //vieclam.tlu. works.vn/. Hopefully, the students will choose suitable jobs, contributing to their future orientation.

The job positions are continuously updated on the website http://vieclam.tlu.works.vn/